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Administrative branch with consultative and decision making authority and responsibility for the academic administration in the quest for comprehensive training of university staff. Reports directly to the rectory.


The Academic Vicerrectoría will be lead by the Academic Vice President, and will have the following attached units:

University Welfare Division
Division of Admissions, Registration and Academic Control.
Audiovisual Department
Department of Distance Education
Extension Department, Information Technology and Continuing Education
Department of Education


The Academic Vicerrectoría have the following functions:

To assist the Rector in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of plans and programs in the academic order required by  the University.

To ensure compliance with provisions adopted by the Governing Council, the Rector and the Academic Council on academic and cultural outreach.

Develop and coordinate plans and programs of teaching, research and extension to develop the university, according to the respective academic units.

Propose and support the creation, amendment or withdrawal of units and programs to the Academic Council.

Coordinate with the various faculties the organization and structure of curriculum, curriculum design and assessments of progress for different programs.

Propose to the Rectory selection criteria, linkages, promotion and evaluation of teachers in accordance with existing rules on the matter.

Ensure proper functioning of the units under their responsibility.

Leading and encouraging the outreach projects for the surrounding community and region.

Propose institutional policies in academic matters.

Approve the academic load of teachers and the endowment of chairs of academic programs for each period.

Develop, in coordination with the Administrative Vicerrectoría, training plans for staff of the institution.

Submit to the rectory, the Academic Council or the Higher University Council, the regular and special set as requested.

Ensure the proper functioning of the Division of Admissions, Registration and Control Academic Institution.

Coordinate the overall implementation of the Development Plan of the University.

Participate and vote in the Academic Council.

Chairing the Committee on Faculty, Placement and Recognition Score, Extension, and the committees of deans and program coordinators and directors of departments when matters within their competence.

The others are assigned and which reflect the nature of dependence.