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Mission and Vision


The University of Amazonia is an state based institution of superior education ruled by the central government, it was created through the 60 law of 1982 in order to contribute specifically with the development of the amazonic region, Our university is committed with an integral education, human talent with perfect setting for assuming the challenges of the third millennium through a quality education, open-minded and democratic, in the pre-grade, post grade level, and continued education that favors scientific fundamentals, develops researching competences, and stimulates its bond with the solution of local and national problems, and reinforces the values that promotes ethics, solidarity, coexistence and social justice.


The University of Amazonia will be an institution of superior education in constant social accreditation, well known and leader in creation, appropriation, implementation, and diffusion of academic, scientific, and researching processes, and with wide social implications, preferably focused on human sustainable development of the amazonic region, in a committed way with the consolidation of the nation project according to the national constitution.